Monday, May 21, 2012

Shift Coupler - The last stand.

I have all the parts, and I have a Sunday.  How hard can it be??

Here are the goodies going in under the bus.  Two accordion seals, one for either end of the chassis shift rod housing.  Two birdie bushings for the shift rod itself.  A new front coupler and grub screw, and the rebuilt original rear coupler that I assembled.

Here's the coupler as I finished it.  I reused the grubs as they were in fine shape.  This is so much better looking that the cruddy repops I picked up.  And with the through bolts, it should last a very long time.

The Bus Dweebs out there will point out that unless I'm removing the entire shift rod, which I think necessitates the removal of the engine and transmission, I can't replace the rear birdie bushing, so I only did the front.  I'm applying a little universal grease here and sliding it in.  Badda-boom!

The rear coupling in place, tightened up, and safety wired in.  The safety wires prevent the grubs from backing out were they to loosen from engine and transmission vibration.  On the left is the transmission nose and seal, and on the right you can see the shift rod tube accordion seal peaking into view.

And at the front.  The front coupler, a repop from Wolfsburg West complete with fresh grub.  All bolted down and wired in.  I put the wire in as it was on the one I had to cut off, but it aint as pretty as the rear wiring.  Can safety wires be pretty?

And guess what?  It shifts!  And I have neutral without going through the living room wall!

My back hurts.

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