Saturday, August 25, 2012

Revolution Bicycles, Charlevoix Michigan

This is Revolution Bicycles. 

I love it when Bike shops open up in old historic building with wood frames picture windows and tin ceilings. I love it so much I get all giddy even when the shop is in a newer building that fakes all that historic crap.

Apparently I love is so much I fail to take decent pictures.  This one sucks even by cell phone standards!

The front.  Thems aint wood framed windows, but hey, they had a dog.

To the BBQ!

Merchandising!  - Hats off to having the balls to put a full built bike on a glass top counter.  That is man-nugget material.

 Bikes! - Props for making a living off Orbea bikes.  Thinking outside the box and selling the adventurous products designed by Basque separatists will always gets a full rack of toasty toddlers. Plus, Orbea Bicycles has been an employee-owned co-op since 1965.  I dig that.

 Staff and Critters! - Two words: SHOP DOG!  Instant fuzzy feelings.  These people could have been child molesting porn peddlers fronting as a bike shop but I couldn't give a crap what with a shop dog to play with.  He even had a bowl of treats you could feed him from.  What does a dog have to do with a bike shop you ask?  Get off my blog.

 Enviro! - Positives, glass cabinets and shop dog!  Negatives, fake tin ceiling and pseudo vintage storefront.  Still a cool joint.  Needs a kegerator.
 Inventory! - Its a dinky place with not a lot going on stock-wise.  Folks seem knowledgeable though so as long as they don't keystone their customers to death with full retail on special orders and a death tax on shipping on top of that, then you'd do OK.

Grand total...

4 Flaming Babies!

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