Monday, September 17, 2012

San Felasco in September

Means hot and wet.  End of the rainy season is nearly here and the creeks and tributaries draining our recreation areas are bulging to the brim with run-off, and our trail surfaces are like oatmeal.  This was the backdrop for our latest club foray to the trails.

 One of the above mentioned tributaries.  Bloated to the gills with outflow from the nearby Snapple Tea bottling plant.  OK not really, but bloated with water anyway!

Dividing between horse and bike/hike.

One of the puncheon style bridges on the trial.  Without these many parts toward the end of the trail would be unreachable because of water.  There were a few places on the trail where riding through was a questionable decision both for the trail surface and for the bikes!

Another puncheon and the Turner (with an SDG and Alteks peekin'!).  Heading back now...

...still with time for a cell phone pic.  I'm the Arrogant Bastard.


Steve Reed said...

That water DOES look like Snapple!

Dan O said...

Mmm....Snapple. Just need a long straw...