Monday, October 15, 2012


Truncated Trip Blog:

Day One - Drive up (29 MPG in the Grape with bike on roof, 75-80mph into a headwind), Turkey Pen.  BBQ.

Day Two - Leave car at Turkey Pen to complete shuttle from Pink Beds.  Complete shuttle from Pink Beds.  Scratch new car on drive down from Turkey Pen. Drink 5 beers.

Day Three - Wake up hungover.  Drive to Bent Creek.  Get caught in the Inbred Tractor Parade. Climb on the bike for an hour.  Feeling clammy and gross.  Descend for 10 minutes.  Feeling cold clammy and gross.  Watch J-Pow wrestle with his flat tire for 45 minutes.  Watch J-Pow mangle my new tube.  Ride for another 1.5 hours.  Feeling cold, clammy, bent, bonked and nasty.  Eat dinner at Lex Ave Brewery.  "I'll have an unsweet tea, please."  Drive to house and collect my crap.  Head to Greenville.  Eat home-made veggie pizza.  "I'll have water please."

Day Four - Wake up 8. Roll out at 8:30. Friends are heading to DuPont.  I am not.  Drive to ATL.  BBQ. "I'll have unsweet tea please."  Leave ATL 2.  Arrive Jax 7:30.  Cereal.  Bed.

31.1 MPG.

More to come.  With Details.  And pictures.  Consider this the Teaser.