Monday, December 31, 2012

Florida's 40 Weirdest Moments of 2012

I love my home state.  Riding endangered marine animals like horses, eating each other, eating each other's pets, crapping ourselves, offensively naming lunch dishes and being overrun by invasive pouched rats.  No other state in the union can offer so much.

#32 - Giant mysterious eyeball washes up on a beach.
Notable Mentions, the utahDOG! Top 5!

5) - Number 39: Polo club founder adopts his adult girlfriend to shield assets from civil lawsuit.

4) - Number 31: A Fox News-obsessed man stabbed his wife because she didn't like Fox News.

3) - Number 24: Drunk woman calls 911 to say she is lost in the woods, did not know where to urinate.

2) - Number 17: A mother and daughter became porn moguls.

1) - Number 5: Wild Raccoons Invade School, Pee on Student.

Goodbye 2012!

Have a Happy 2013 everyone!

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Steve Reed said...

I can already tell I'm going to enjoy this.