Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Tillie Fowler Park Trail Armoring - Round 4!

Round two of the trail armoring project out at Tillie Fowler Regional Park in Jacksonville was completed this past Saturday.  We cut and groomed a new section of trail adding on to the last ridge crossing section completed on the previous trail day, built two berms as a run-up, and then the deck up onto the ridge was completed.  Three more decks to go!  A drop down from the deck completed on this trail day, and then another crossing which will also have an up and down.

Dropping down this deck, which is the second half of the first crossing, completed at the last Tillie Trail Day.

You enter this berm for a right handed curve.

Continuing through the curve, the berm tapers off and then picks up again just past the pine tree on the left.

Coming out of the berm you flatten out and carry speed up to...

This scoop-up deck which puts you on top of the ridge for another drop down the opposite side.

This is the view back down the deck from the top of the ridge.  The ridge is about 8-10 feet higher than the surrounding land, and the deck is a 35 degree rise.  It is quite a hoot to hit at speed.  The profile is scooped out at the bottom rather than just a hard transition so you can easily carry speed up and over.

Looks like fun you say?  That's because it is!

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