Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Speedometer Rescue

When  I picked up the bus from Dad he mentioned to me that he had always intended to take the speedometer out of the bus and clean it and replace the little colored 'gels' that cover the bulbs and make the warning lights and turn signal indicator blinks specific colors.  I agree with Pops, the speedo is a little grubby, (hey!  the poor thing is nearly 50 years old!) and needs a freshening.  Problem is, I know nothing about speedometers other than that there are a bajillion little bits inside the thing.

So I decided to get a speedometer cadaver to experiment on.  

I picked up this proper date coded (5/66) speedometer from the Samba for a pretty fair price.  I'll pop the critter open, fondle it's innards, and see what's up!

If it all goes sideways, I'll send the original speedometer off to a pro, and if I can get this one cleaned up and functioning, then I'll take my chances at screwing up repairing the one original to the bus.

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