Tuesday, April 16, 2013

ebay PASS

Because I can't have everything I want...

Amp F1 $267.  This one is labeled as a "Concept" fork, AKA a Univega house brand from back on the day.

Cook Bros E Crank $261.33.  These-uns is NOS.

SDG S2000 in reasonable shape, unsold at $68.

$167.50 could have grabbed you these NOS M910 XTR hubs, with the skewers intact.  These never seem to have the skewers with them when they are NOS and especially boxless.  I've said it before, people must eat the skewers or something...  Where do they all go?


Goats Like SDG Too said...

Next time you come across a good SDG S2000 that you don't need to add to the 25 you already have please email me :-)

My eBay searches never seem to locate these pesky critters

utahDOG! said...

Will do! S2000 in black? That is the common color for the 2000.