Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Carb - '64 Bug

Molesteration of the 28PICT1 Solex from the '64.  

Top and bottom split for your viewing pleasure.

Dripping in carb cleaner slathered via aerosol into an old Rubbermaid bowl.  Sloosh sloosh.

Cleaning the choke cover.  Cleaned the choke too.

Assorted bits.  I'm sure I remember what they all do.  And in the spirit of true 60's VW-dom, whatever is left over will be woven into a macrame necklace.  Dude.  Bro.

Wrapping the fuel pump and carb orifices with plastic and paper towels, to keep the critters out of the works while I'm shoulder deep in pump and carb molesteration.

For pretty finished carb pics, see next post.  Running and mounted on the engine.  No left over bits for the macrame.  Darn.


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