Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Out door...

Much goings on in the mighty world of business. Here in the filigree and marble lined management suite we are installing new plutonite-charged, iridium-glazed urinals in the women's bathrooms. Hey, you hit the first door available when you're trashed from a crazed weekend of hookers and snorting blow, er, I mean from a hard week of corporate management and responsible business stewardship, and that means if God and his architects who designed these hallowed halls placed the sit-down-marble more conveniently than the stand-up-marble, then its time to renovate. Shareholders would agree. Time to raise capital.

So in a fundraising maneuver, recently departed from the gleaming towers here at One Utahdog Center, World Congress of the Americas:

edit - $151.50

Cane Creek Double Barrel coil from the Turner, which has gone on an air-shock diet.

edit - $250.12

And also from the Turner a Vanilla RLC 9mm QR fork orphaned when a Talas 15QR arrived. Thats right, the Turner has had a double ended diet and lost her coils from both sides at the same time...

...and no that isn't a euphemism for anything to do with hookers and blow.

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