Thursday, June 12, 2014

Moor Foor The Out Door!

The scantily clad hotties are beginning to complain, so it is high time; fresh wallpaper is needed in the Hookah Lounge here in the gleaming towers of One Utahdog Center, World Congress of the Americas. We still don't allow the finer of the sexes in the Long Bar, because hey ho, they just don't look right in smoking jackets, so we have to up the game in the Hookah Lounge to keep the peace. We yanked out the brass poles and did away with the required veiled-face policy already, so this is a big last step. Never let it be said that we resist cultural evolution in the name of equality.

That can only mean one thing. More crap for sale!

36 HP VW fuel pump diaphragm, NEW!  Includes awesome original VW factory packaging, with printing detail fit for the Long Bar.

36HP VW fuel pump parts and bits. A new complete pump with no diaphragm, 2 NEW fuel pump tops, and a used Canadian made pump.

36HP German made pumps, one clearly is for core rebuild only, the other is marked as "used 200 miles and removed for sale of car", 3 new tops.

Finally, early Porsche 356 bits. A core fuel pump in need of rebuild. German of course. And a second pump top with a cracked filter cover, some random original parts, and a box. Merkur hood badge not included in auction, thanks.

Come get some parts! Hitting an eBay near you. Well, hitting the eBay. Not like there's 14 eBay's out there is there. Although with their new and 'improved' stupid policies, they could clearly use the competition.


Steve Reed said...

I recognize the handwriting on those tags! LOL

I really need to figure out eBay again. I have some stuff to sell too. I just can't make myself sit down and deal with it.

utahDOG! said...

And distinctive handwriting it is! I try to convey those little notes along with parts that get sold. They are very thorough and I'm sure would be helpful to new owners.