Friday, June 6, 2014

Saying 'so long'...

Sometimes you have to say goodbye.  And I don't mean to Don Zimmer, who passed away Wednesday at the ripe old age of 83.  Zimmer was the only decent thing ever associated with the Yankees, and spent the last 11 years with the Tampa Bay Rays.

No I mean the Turner, which is on its way to Boulder Colorado to new owners. 

There aint no junky Specialized in that box!
Be well and godspeed. 

The sale of the bike left me a bit more "fat of stacks', but looking for avenues to dump my unspent aggression, so I took to vandalizing reminder notes left for cleaning crew folks in public bathrooms.

The Rocky Mountain is next.  Frame, fork, stem, bars, front and rear brake, seatpost and seat clamp.  $250 plus shipping...  Come get it.

Then I'll probably piss all that money away on some snappy vintage Japanese truck like this awesome old Toyota idling outside my local Chinese Tool Emporium; a.k.a. Harbor Freight.

God Bless America.

1 comment:

Steve Reed said...

LOL -- I would have photographed that modified note.

If you buy that truck I'm guessing any points you have earned for selling spare bicycles will be stripped away!