Tuesday, August 12, 2014

VW - #2 all time vintage 4 Cylinder Engine?

From Petrolicious...


Thank you, Captain Obvious. But production for seventy years, in everything from planes and sports cars to simple cheap sedans and one ton chassis service trucks, maybe earns the ubiquitous VW flat 4 the number one spot? Don't forget, the 36horse VW shares more with the 356 engines than most Porsche-files would prefer you remember.

And the Alfa Twin Cam is 3rd?

Look, vintage BMWs are awesome, but methinks the BMW is ranked at least 3 spots too high. And the Honda B was a game changer, still heavily influencing vehicle technology today, which should put it in the top four. And, no Saab? Only Saab could take a lump of iron like the Triumph slant and turn it into one of the best engines of the 80's, the H family, single cam 201 and DOHC 202. The last true Saab engine. From the last true Saab. When BMW went sideways with "eta" , Saab filled the void.

Long liveth the Saab SPG!!

The picture of 80's awesome. Last one left the City of Trolls in 1991.
Saab made louvers cool. Suck it, Camaro.
The rolling shovel.
No consideration for the VW 16V?

The 16V, powering a Golf with stones and a Scirocco worth driving.
OK, that last one is probably more representative of my age more than anything, and of being a complete Flock of Seagulls 80's homer, but I'm standing firm on the Saab B202.

My top 5:

5) Saab 'H' (both 201 and 202)
4) Honda B
3) BMW M10
2) Alfa
1) VW Flat

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