Friday, September 12, 2014

Dragon Pics - Part 1

On the way west to Tenn, The Dragon, or one of them, at a roadside stop in Deals Gap.

He's a freaky beast. On the other side of the road at KillBoy, the dragons are metal. More on that later.

Matt chugging Pedialyte. Don't ask.

TVA. Flooding beautiful mountain valleys since 1933.

I look like I'm protecting my nibblets.

At the hotel the first night, they had the worlds longest couch in the lobby. People in Tennessee don't control their bladders very well so all the furniture has to be covered in black rubber. OK I made that last part up.

Day two Matt mounted up the GoPros.

And we took vids at speeds that pushed me to drink after. Here at the Rivers End in the Nantahala Gorge. Nantahala Brewery product in the pint. I can't remember.

and here at the Hub Bike Shop and Pisgah Tavern, I think that is a Highlands Brewery product, but I can't remember. (Memory Loss is first sign of addiction.)

"Pink Beds Picnic Area." Euphemism?

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