Thursday, April 9, 2015

What the?!...

More cultural enlightenment, courtesy!

Not "Heidi's Topless Swiss Chalet Style, Politically Neutral, Roller Derby Emporium", but her lesser known and likely much less successful venture, the Italian Restaurant. Which sells that classic Sicilian dish, and favorite of Cosa Nostra bag-men the world over, the "Hoagie".

I know we want kids to drink milk, but wtf people. I mean, is that an udder or does the damn thing have 4 testicles?

Because "Place hands under tap, at which time a super heating infrared laser will torch the very meat from your bones, scarring your soul for life, leaving you standing there drenched in your own sweat and feces, trembling with abject fear, a whimpering gutless disfigured freak of a human being and shell of your former self" didn't fit on the sticker?

and not so freaky... a Westfield Lotus 7 clone, in Jacksonville, far from home. Very slick.

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Steve Reed said...

I like the power cow! But yeah, that laser is pretty scary.