Wednesday, July 29, 2015

DuPont and Brevard NC

We struck off from our far flung corners of the country to meet up in North Carolina and ride DuPont this past weekend. A few of us from Jacksonville, and the old boys from MD, GA and SC. Charlie, one of my local friends, and I drove up in the Grape.

Through VRBO the SORBA Jax fellas had discovered a house in Brevard for not too much dough and we stayed there. It wasn't big or fancy, but it was clean, had AC and was in a great location and that is really all that matters. So we arrived on Friday and trucked on down to the Hub bike shop and Pisgah Tavern for a Pisgah Greybeard IPA. Tasty. I've slowed way down on the booze of late and one beer had me for a loop.

Breakfast at Sycamore Cycles and Crank Coffee. First day riding was Ridgeline and Turkey bluff/bald/peak/slope/something-or-other. Good stuff. Some 25 miles or so. Yes that is the Jamis Dragon. Yes it is my only active bike right now. Yes it has no suspension. No you don't need suspension to ride in western NC. Control your speed and ride the trails like a surgeon slices flesh. No 6" travel battle axes necessary.

Then we went to Hubba Hubba BBQ in Flat Rock where I selected this guy...

...and he was delicious.

That evening we went to Oskar Blues Brewery and I had a Dale's PA in the tap room upstairs, where I also boosted so many stickers from the "free" sticker bin that they took it away from me and hid it under the bar.  Hey, they are free, right? I also almost fell off the barstool my legs were so rubbery from the day's ride. No I was not drunk.

Day two sent us to this view, and we rode Slick Rock, Cedar Rock, Burnt Mtn, and some other crap. I call them "trails".

This cool cedar shake mural was on the wall at the restaurant where we ate lunch Sunday before driving back. The Cedar Mountain Cafe. It was very tasty. I had the Spicy Billy Burger which was a burger with bacon, jalapenos, goat cheese and pickled onions.

A motley bunch.


Steve Reed said...

Love the cedar shake mural. Was the chicken's name Cecil?

Paul said...

It was an awesome trip, let's do it again soon.