Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Matt and Orange

When I got my blue EWR, the fellas at EWR were only offering the re-released frames in reflective white and Bengal orange. I can't stand orange, and I've already got a white EWR, so I paid a small sucker fee to have the new frame powder coated blue (good thing too, now that I've got an orange EWR to boot!). My buddy, Matt in the ATL, thinks for some reason that orange is a good idea, so he opted for one of the standard colors.

A local shop had SDG Ventura saddles in an orange color that matched the RAL code for the EWR powder coat color perfectly, so I picked up a few (4!) of those and gave them to my orange-bike hugging friends, Matt included. My friend Paul has one on his orange OWB as well.

Oury introduced colored grips a few years back also, and orange was on the menu for that too, so Matt's go some of those things on the EWR...but what he doesn't have is an orange stem. Not just any orange stem, but a nice Race Face System stem, powder coated from Race Face in the same RAL code as his EWR. This one is a 110mm 5 degree stem, so it should work out well for him and his Orange-Julius beast.

I'll bring it up to Tsali with me at the end of the month and we'll pimp out that big orange bastard even more!


Anonymous said...

I like the stem. I am going to have to get one.

Utahdog! said...

I'm looking for a short one for yours too...judging by the stem on your OWB you need a 90 or a 100, yes?