Saturday, December 20, 2014

TPC does it again!

More flea-age from The Pro's Closet... $276. Nice frame

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


 I'm decorating the garage. After my head injury the doctor says I should stay busy. Just kidding.


1931 Gulf Oil road map of Florida.

Dig the hat. On both of them.

And this illustrated map. Also from Gulf, and Rand McNally.

Nice boat. And Stogie.

From the auction listing:

"Wonderful old map from Gulf Oil with beautiful graphics.  
I'm unable to find a date on this map but there are references to the 
"new Overseas Highway connecting Key West with the mainland"  and 
"if you wish to go on to Cuba, transportation by ferry is available".  
The speed limit in Florida was 45 MPH (in Alabama the speed limit was 
"reasonable and proper").   A Resident County Game license was $1.25 and 
you could bag 15 squirrels, 25 coots and 15 Wilson's Snipes per day.  
The population of Miami was 127,600 and Kissimmee was 3,379.  
The map is copyrighted by Rand McNally."

And it aint an SDG, but still...

I lost them all. Drat.