Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Flea. Everything you need and everything you...don't.

Rock the Knights, party people!

Keith Haring would be proud.

Air who?

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Pac NW and other steel goodies

More on the webby for your dollars to envy...

Canadian goodness.  The bike if not the crappy cell phone pics.

Brodie Expresso

and from south of the border, yet still sorta Pac NW...

By way of Hodaka Taiwan anyway, this fine looking all original Kona Explosif.  Tange Prestige steel and original Joe Murray Project Two fork and Velocity stem.

And a Fat City Big One Inch.

Steel is Real on the Fleabay right now.  Bid these bad boys up!

Old school Rocky Mountain Bicycles branded Selle Italia saddle.

Tange Switchblade in 1.125 steerer diameter...

and from The Pro's Closet, this fine looking 1" variant.  Nice stuff!

And you can't discuss steel goodies from the early 1990's without throwing in a Bridgestone.

Clean MB-1.  Nice!

Buy now and save!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Tomato frames

The Schwinn Homegrown.  Awesome.

Same guy.  All three auctions. All NOS frames  Sitting on a goldmine.  Schwinn USA was in Boulder when I lived in Colorado, and all I got was a lousy tomato headset top cap!

only mine was is gold.  And not on a Homegrown frame!

Saturday, January 18, 2014


They are leaping from the woodwork as collectors realized they are waaaay in over their heads on these things.  Kleins are nice, and I have mine, but come on people.  A kidney?  That is a wee steep!

Pimpy mac daddy Gator Linear.

fork in faded Dolomite team regalia.

Faded Gator Linear Rascal.  Note the matching Rock Shox Mag20, the sticker-slathered Deore XT seatpost.  Mavic headset and Campy Stheno rims.  Too bad the owner cut it's balls off with a single speed conversion.  And is that drive side chainstay bent?

Team Attitude circa 1996.

Pinnacle in Backfire regalia with XT and Rock Shox Mag20.

Full Deore DX Pinnacle with Araya RM17 rims.  Very nice.  Don't let the pealing lycra on the saddle sway you from this bike.  The saddle is crap anyway.

And an early 90's (1991-2) Attitude in Backfire.  This one is very clean but the paint is not nearly as blindingly bright as should be.  Respray?  Display window frame?  Why faded on both sides?


Friday, January 17, 2014

Frames on the Flea

These little morsels were rocking the flea here lately.  Dagger, which utilized the Amp B2 mac strut suspension system. Good clean old school suspension for those who want suspension, but just not suspension that really moves much.  I may personally qualify for that last barb.

And a glut of Klein Mission Control bar stem combos, all beat to hell and all with bars cut waaaaaay down.  Boo.

And a tasty little Klein Rascal.  Size L.  Too bad I already have a Rascal, that one looks pretty nice, if perhaps adorned with an unfortunate color scheme.  Not all Kleins are painted pretty...

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Squirrel Trauma

How nice...

"Hey Ernest?"

"Hm?" I said.

She drawled, "Younta run down to the Piggly Wiggly and gitcha some them Natty tallboys and some chicarones? 'Dexter's on!"


She was work.  Women shouldn't be like work.  Women should be like fruit.  Like ripe fruit.  Like ripe fruit you'd buy from the corner.  In Pamplona.  On the way to the bullfights.  Oh, the bullfights.  A long way from the trailer.  A long time ago.

"Dammit Ernest!!  Do pay 'tention! when I'ma barkin' at you like a rabbid dawg!"

"Yes dear"

She stabbed me with a squirrel.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Mo Flea

Lots of blue bits slipping through the fingers of the sweaty handed kingpins in the corporate offices of the gleaming towers of One Utahdog Center, World Congress of the Americas....  

Perhaps a psychological aversion to blue, both the color and the mood, has subconsciously taken control of our collective executive genius? See the kingpins and I have been in group therapy after slumming it up in the Carrera Marble Board Room Suite with 4 cases of Natty Lite tall-boys and some pork rinds('chicarones' to you hi-fashion types) shotgunning 4 seasons of 'Dexter' on Netflix over the past holiday break.  One of my top trusted lieutenants was nabbed in the executive crapper making a list of all the people he'd like to chop to bits and bury in his backyard 'for the betterment of society' he claims.  Needless to say, an intervention was staged, and we snatched him out of his bed in the dark of night, chopped him into little bits and buried him in his backyard.  Didn't even wake the kids.  It was corporate efficiency in motion. Pure poetry.

While we were otherwise detained by our efforts to rid the world of....ourselves, The mad cycle of buying and selling in America marched on, and we promptly missed the following tasty morsels.  May we be snatched from our beds in the dark of night and summarily chopped to bits and buried in our respective backyards.

Answer Accu_Trax rigid fork, in my favorite color, blue.

With some tasty decal action.  Nice condition for 20 years old.

Altek BL-25's in my favorite color, blue.

And a fine example of the firm(er) springed M900 rear deraileur, in what else but XTR blue.  Used but not abused.

And now back to more 'Dexter'.  Things have gotten rocky with the little tart from Angel that he married and she's become incessantly needy.  I wonder what happens next?  My new top lieutenant has been dispatched in the One Utahdog Center gleaming Maybach 62, with driver of course, to the local Piggly Wiggly to nab a few more cases of Natty and some Bugles (we are sick and tired of those damn chicarones!) and when his slow ass finally returns then we'll be back hunkered down in the Carrera Marble Board Room Suite, remote in hand!

If he takes too long we may need to schedule another intervention....