Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Attention vintage EWR fans! If you are mounting a front derailleur to your OWB, and you are confused by the cable stops and locations, and the cable anchor bolt located down at the bottom bracket, then this little widget is the gizmo you need to track down from your otherwise hideously overpriced and under-performing LBS.

It aint a complicated little spud, and certainly nothing that would get your nibblets stiff. You can actually make one by chopping a cable stop off a road bike center-pull brake, but they are, as you can see, ready-made and generally available from the spare parts bins locally.

If you find a stash of them new, then snap them up and swap them on the street. Cash money!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Tsali in July!

Hotter than Fire, and the crappy Coleman family tent leaked something horrible, but a good time still. Wife, child and yours truly hit Tsali for a 4 day trip. Coleman is garbage.

Ubiquitous truck-in-picturesque-spot pic.

The Turner on the trail. I love the Double Barrel shock that replaced the DHX Air. My rockers survived the trip, although a shock bolt did not.

Beer was involved.

And like my prom night, there was masticated garbage all splayed out on the table for public spectating and random pictures. Wait. Scratch that. This is a family blog.

The lake. You know what's next.

I couldn't find the tennis ball, buried in all the crap in the truck, so the little girl volunteered her super ball, and a couple of pen strokes later I had a toy for my old friend.

Out Door

Yeah I know...I jut GOT this damn thing. What can I say. We are a fickle bunch of investors here in the gleaming towers of One Utahdog Center, World Congress of the Americas. In case you hadn't noticed, we grab and dump stocks at an alarming rate also.

Sweat it, poor people.

It arrived here, I hung it from the rafters, then I got a PM from a dude on MTBR (who was a previous owner of my WTB...small world!) He paid me what I had in it, and since the Turner was a bigger PITA to put together than I expected, I dumped the Boulder.

I'll regret it I'm sure. Always do.


Probably not.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Early AMP fork

Funky early AMP fork on the flea a while back. I've been trapped under an old Chevy Nova out in my carport in front of my trailer for the past two weeks, so sorry for the no update thing. Good news, though...I'm much thinner now!

Linkage is familiar.

But the crown is not squared off, rather more unicrown-ish. Neat.

Upskirt shot.

Welded cantilever hanger.

Fleabay. It aint just for breakfast anymore.