Monday, November 25, 2013

More fleaBay that got away...maybe.

Things must be lean at fleaBay these days.  I've not been pounding the keyboards scoping out the 3D-Violet CNC uselessness like I would usually do, mainly because of the arrival of family member No 4.  Still, it is a bad omen when a pair of Altek levers showed up on the flea, only to go with not a whiff of interest even for a BIN of only $99.  Seller re-listed many times for the same terms until it finally was either pulled for lack of interest or sold.  Is Altek passion on the wane?

And yes I've named the new child "No 4".  I can't be bothered with such nonsense as names and trivialities.  Make due kid, the world is hard and full of plastic and disappointment.

Oh, and Movember is almost behind us, so if you have not gotten of your fur-less duff and sprouted  a "Frida" on your lip, then shame on you.