Thursday, July 31, 2014

Shed 2.0 - Part 1

New house means new shed! The last shed needed to serve as storage and also as workspace so it needed to be more than you typical garden shed and more secure. The new shed will be 6'x8' compared to the 10x12 of the last.

while building the fence on the left, 2009
inside in 2008
solar in 2010
The new house has a garage, and unless it is associated with tools and cars and bikes, I'd like to get junk out of there.  The intention when we bought the house was to build a simple garden shed, so off we go...

Setting the piers

Framed the floor.

New goodies for the build. This little sucker is a beast.

Wood for framing delivered.

3/4" decking down and screwed.

Cut to fit.

Nice tight joints.

Next we go vertical.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Harbor Freight tool cart

I've identified a problem. My tools are in the front of the garage in a big honking toolbox, and the engines are in the back of the VWs. If I need something, I have to walk back and forth and back and forth.  PITA. So I figured I'd get a tool cart. I love these little dudes...

Only a grand. (!)

When I win the lottery I'll snag me a Hazet Assistent, but until then....Harbor Freight!

So armed with my snappy little 400% off coupon, I popped on over to the center of Chinese culture in America and...

$280 discounted to $99 aint bad. And the box is very well made for the money and nicely finished. Comparable to the upper end Craftsman boxes I have anyway.

While I was at HF I used another coupon on a set of screwdrivers for free. My god do they suck.