Wednesday, April 27, 2011


The next installment of the out door extra extra!

AMP F3 Carbon fork...the last of the Benz bits.

Red 1" threaded 2 Nut Chris King headset.

Carrera relisted...and sold on a BIN for 179.00, sans fork and headset. nobody has paid anything yet, so stay tuned...

XTR M950 hubset.

105 front derailleur (FD-1050)...

...and the rear 105 derailleur (RD-1050), both from the Carrera. I will clear over 1300 for the road bike, by busting it up and fleabaying it, so I'm happy.

eBay insanity

I ganked this pic, shamelessly of course... like a rabid stray cat lurking about in the night looking for a can of dried tuna in a wire box... not because I'm a rabid stray cat, but because SOMEBODY has to point out the selling price of these well worn Syncros cranks. Keep in mind that back in the day these were the CHEAP Syncros cranks, second fiddle to the much more costly Revolutions. These closed on the flea on Saturday as I recall. The low low price?...

...$257 bucks! No word if a lobotomy was included in the deal for the buyer, but the least the seller could do is throw in a few drill bits for a home lobotomy experiment, or maybe a heavy rock that the buyer could pound on himself with.

$257? I should sell my Revolutions. I just may sell my Revolutions. I would pound on my own skull with a heavy rock for $257.

Monday, April 25, 2011

The Out Door Returns!

Do not be distracted by the recent In Box activity, we are still in purge mode here at the World Congress of the Americas. A new policy of Frugality, lets call it....

Which means I'm selling my shoes...Shimano R-085 roadies. Shave your legs for the full fashion statement.

Hella 550FF Driving lamps.

SDG Kevlar shouldered saddle. I only do full Kevlars and the occasional bass boat glitter jobs.

Suntour Mountech rear derailleur...sans pulley bolt.

Speedplay Frogs and cleats.

Akona diving gloves.

1995 Zaskar frameset, size 18"

1989 Team Avalanche frameset, 18". Get your popcorn ready!

Holy Crap! In Box!

Stuff goes out AND stuff comes in here at Utahdog Center. The bins are still less full than before, but that doesn't mean that I can't buy stuff that pops up grabs my grapes of interest.

Sakae Powerbulge Titanium handlebar, uncut and the medium length of 22 inches. The 23 is an elusive bugger, so I'll give the 22 a go and see what ho. Narrower than my shoulders though...

Turner 5 Spot, size large. Yes you are not seeing things, there's a bunch of pivots on the back of that thing, and that means I'm taking the full suspension plunge again. Lets hope it creaks less than the Cannondale Rush. Who the hell am I fooling...EVERYTHING creaks less than a Cannondale.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Out-Door-Bike, and a sprinkle of Retrotech!

Wonkiness Incorporated here at One Utahdog Center, World Congress of the Americas. We gots a little bike stuff for sale, and the IT department, located in the hallowed halls of the rat infested basement (where IT Techs belong, I mean lets face it, people) has selected another item for the big eBay clean-out. Rumor has it they are hoping to raise money enough to buy cadaver meat for their annual department cookout. IT freaks do wacky shit like that.

Syquest Sparq drive, external 1GB cartridge hard drive system. Does anybody even REMEMBER these weird things? Well, if you have a CNC machine, then yes, you probably remember these suckers, and you may actually want to buy mine. Fully functional, so act now!

Race Face 110 BCD chain ring guard, bash ring. Clean and kooky.

And an Avid BB7 160mm disc brake. Reasonably fresh pads, so buy now an save. We need more cadaver meat!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Techno Blast from the Past!

Yestertech! For sale on the flea....CHEAP!
Palm III - circa what...1997!?

And a Zire 31, *yawn*. I hear kids are reprogramming these things to be used as smart remotes and other stuff, utilizing the infrared transmitting capabilities. As long as it leaves my house, I don't care what they do with it. You could bake it down to a fine white powder and shovel it into your head for all I care.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Carrera bits on eBay

Remnants of the glory that was once Carrera. I'm off the road bike for a while. Obviously. I'm probably off the road bike period. Road bikes suck anyway, probably the least fun you can have on a bike. I've never really been a big fan of miles on the road, only enduring the experience in order to be quicker off road.
Ultegra hubs laced to Mavic Open Pro rims.

Dura Ace Octalink bottom bracket. Italian threads.

Ultegra Octalink cranks.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Frame thru the Out Door

Furst, yes I have been drinking. We picked up the seasonal Infinium from Boston Brewery this winter, and what with me being off the sauce for medical reasons since the end on January, we were concerned that consumption would be a scheduling problem. Problem no more! Popped it last night, and it was some tasty stuff.

Matter of fact, I got so poo-faced that I put the Carrera on eBay.

Make me proud!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Even More Out Door!

Chucking it off the loading dock from the gleaming towers of Utahdog Center, into the digital abyss...

Shimano 105 Single Pivot brakeset.

Dura Ace 9 speed STI

Deore XT V-brakes.

Buy now and save!

Out Door

Heading out the doors of One Utahog, World Congress of the Americas.

Campy Chorus post, from the Carrera.

Ultegra 12-25 cassette, 9 speeds, again from the Carrera.

Deore LX crankset, originally from a bike I parted out about 2 years ago, polished up by me, and spent a year or so on the commuter. A good looking crankset, but the nonstandard spider pisses me off.

Syncros post. 330mm length, and original 2 bolt no setback style. This was originally for the Brodie, but it will have a setback post, so the Syncros hits the streets. You know you want it. OK, maybe you want it, but either way, you want it more than me.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

More on the way out!

Goodies on the way out. What on earth am I selling all this stuff for I hear you ask? What am I doing, planning to buy a Rolex? A KelTec PF9? What in the world is going on in the gleaming towers of One Utahdog Center, World Congress of the Americas?
*HP315 digital camera, complete with all the fixins.

Thomson 31.8mm post
And a Bad Ass Specialized JIS threaded 1" headset, complete with little allen set screws on the locknut to hold it in adjustment. Very cool little piece, without a home in my quiver though, so time to move it on out!