Thursday, November 29, 2012

Now THERE'S a good idea...

  More Interwebs Phlebotomy... 

Surly Pugsley meets Cannondale Lefty.  3.5" tires on a one-legged fork?  Who's the Rocket Phlebotomist that came up with that one?! Does this thing even know where straight ahead is?

And a unicycle with a glorified chainsaw motor on it.  Why not just stick a fork Phlebotomizer in your neck and get it over with?

And yeah, I typed that intro when I figured Phlebotomy was the act of hacking up a big nasty greenie, but apparently it is the science of collecting blood for medical purposes.  Who knew?

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Culture Rush!

Some quicky clicky phone pics from around the region here in NE FLA that I just had to share with the Interwebs.  I loves me some culture!

Select your displayable digits accordingly.

Public health message.  Sploosh!

And finally, spotted during the 'Occupation".  Nothing works like misspelling your scrawled message to the ignoring elected officials to convince them that you are, in fact, an uneducated gwatt.    Lets talk about them "problms", shall we?

And a tasty blurbs from my interwebs to yours.