Monday, August 3, 2009

David Johnson's

There's an old lunch counter, a roadside restaurant on Philips Highway that has always interested me from an architectural and pop cultural perspective. David Johnson's, an obvious play off of Howard Johnson's, was your typical Florida tourist sandwich joint, with a side of wacky Florida souvenirs, like yellow glass alligators on sand cast pedestals, and dried gourds painted like rum-guzzling, sombrero-wearing frogs. I'm not sure how long DJ has been gone, but the building was looking a little forgotten and forlorn. Too bad too, as even the u-shaped lunch counter and the globe style lights were all was just locked up tight and unused.
Well, somebody's using it now. For good and bad I guess. Seems like a dubious business plan in this economy, to turn a lunch joint into a building materials yard of any type, but I'm glad the place is being used for something I guess. Unfortunately, the lunch counter, (inside on the right) has been veneered with big-ass flagstones.
You can see the outline where the "David Johnson's" lettering has protected it's shaded portion of the faded the bright orange roof.

Oh well, better than nothing!

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