Sunday, January 17, 2010

Goodbye #1

To many horses, and only one ass!

Thinning out the herd, what with the Rocky Mountain hitting the homestead here, I need the space and somethings got to go. Kona Lava Dome, one of the last quality double butted steel frames to come out of the house of Kona with cantilever braze-ons, and some other nifty little frame features. This frame was never going to be a retro build, instead I planned to do some custom paint in a funky theme, but the Yokota Yosemite project takes over in that regard. I even tried to order some replacement decals from a normally heralded and reliable source in the UK, but after about 6 months of gentle probing on my part to get the project moving, I'm just going to take the hint and drop the request for custom decals, and now, for unrelated reasons of course, the project in general.

It is heading to a good home.

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