Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Answer Taper Lite 2

More fleabay goodies, and therefor more fleabay auction picture ganking as is always the case with my auction domination announcements here on the blog. Of course I mean 'domination'! Everyone knows that a full 73.4% of eBay's business is based solely on the average Americans uncontrollable need to win at everything. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Bar is for the Klein Rascal. I need to actually ride one of these bikes at some point.

I'm home today, from work. The child, AKA Rugratius Infectus, had a slight fever last night, and she's been sputtering like her daddy for the past few days, so we kept her home. Which means I'm at home. Which means I have unlimited access to the Internet.

Which of course, means I'm on eBay again! Bwah!

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