Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Fox and the Ninja!

No not a B-grade Golan and Globus action movie from 1982, but instead my eBay domination of the day. Remember, there are no eBay auction wins, only crushing domination. Merely winning at something, even something as goofy as an online auction, is unsatisfactory. Dominance should always be the goal. Much like the fat man behind the wheel of seemingly every Tahoe and Suburban on the road, you should always strive to enter the eBay super highway with Blind Arrogance, and Reckless Abandon. Don't forget to never signal. Win? Please! Winning is so 90's. Dominate!

Fox Vanilla. The Revelation on the blue EWR is a leaky pile of muck. I'll send that sucker off to PUSH and get on with the Vanilla. When the Revelation comes back, then I'll mount that sucker to the Titanium bike, use it for pure cross country and commute on the Beast. Clear as mud, everyone? Good.

Sakae Ninja chain ring. My NOS ring from the bookshelf is now on the Rocky, so you KNOW I had to run right out and get another NOS spare. Hey I'm no fool.


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