Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Yokota Yosemite - Phase 4

Moving right along on the Yokota. Spent a little time this weekend getting the stem to primer and doing some finish work on the frame itself. The fork is ready for paint at this point, now that I've decided to NOT lop off the rack mounts on those dropouts. More on that in a bit.

Stem steerer tube clamp area, sprayed up with the hardware removed.

Stem bar clamp area, again sans hardware. I'll plug these areas a little better when I lay down the color and the clear.

Stays all tidied up and ready to roll. I could probably spray and sand these areas a bit more to get them even flatter, but they are pretty tight right now, and the layers to come will smooth everything out even more, such that in the end, you'll be hard pressed to find the evidence of rack mounts at all. No filler here, just metal work.

Frame, ready.

Stem, ready.

And the Fork, ready. These are the drops that will keep their rack mounts. I'd like to lop them off too, but I don't want to narrow the drop and make the fork weaker. Perforated dropouts are no fun, and besides...I like my teeth in my head.
Next up...color!

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