Thursday, January 13, 2011

eBay Goodies!

A little shopping for stupid bike crap over the last few weeks has yielded some pretty good little bits, and a few dork-wad items that only a goofball like me would love.

Sakae Powerbulge titanium bars...and a KORE stem that will find its way thru the out door shortly. I no wanna da KORE.

Red Ringle cage with bracket. Rubbing on the inside isn't an issue to me because this cage will land on a bike that gets used.

And here's where it all goes sideways. You see...clearly...that I am a slut for dorky stickers...any dorky long as the subject matter is bikes, food, beer, cars, travel and adventure. Call them lifestyle stickers. Call me a big dorky putz. I'm OK with it. I've been a big dorky putz for 40 years.

Spare Brodie goodies. At least I have a Brodie!

WTB Anniversary .

Rock Shox original logo dealership sticker.

And a Marzocchi dealership sticker.

Me + sticker = Sweaty Tramp.

1 comment:

Dan O said...

I sold off two Ringle cages on eBay a few months ago, to some dude in England - for way more then I expected.

I'm a sticker nut also. I have piles of 'em from the '80s through today. I don't know what I'm saving 'em for.

Well, actually do - when I open bike shop to give instant old school karma. Or built the super cool bike room in the garage. Both are pipe dreams at the moment.

If I keel over first, could put 'em all over my coffin. How cool/sick would that be?