Monday, May 16, 2011

Inbound bogey, 2 o'clock!


Sachs Power Grip front shifters, total 3, to match some Power Grip 8 speeders I ganked a few years ago, cheap.

Rocky number 1

"We're getting low on gas, Mav, let's land this sucker!"




"Cougar's in trouble!"

LX grade bottom bracket, for Race Face Turbine application...73x110mm

XT rear derailleur, Turner bound.

"You're writing checks your body can't cash!"

old school XT front top pull. Guess where THIS picture came from.

XTR 900 front, with a bottom pull to top pull adaptor, which is nearly as valuable as the derailleur itself if not more so.

"Ghostrider 3/4 of a mile, call the ball."

"Roger, Maverick has the ball."

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