Thursday, June 23, 2011

Broken Turner

Not everything about the FATS weekend went well. For example, had a good old fashioned argument with an old friend, complete with mutual screaming and threats of violence.

Even worse though, I broke the Turner!

That aint right. This is the non-drive side rocker and the break is just above the shock where the rocker is relieved to clear the air valve for the DHX shock. This is what happens when fat men ride with an under inflated shock.

Fresh from eBay. More 5.3 rockers, with unfortunately, more relieving for the DHX air valve. I'd like to dump the DHX (and I will) and get a set of non-relieved rockers. Good to have goals in life.

Turner with her pants down. An easy job after all. Turner provides great technical documentation at, and even a ham-fisted monkey like me can do it. Bushings look good so I did not replace the hardware, just the rockers. POS DHX is in this picture. Hunk of poo that it is.

Comparing the old rockers (bottom) to the replacements. The older ones had faded to a cool bronze color, but apparently they should be black.

Ride on, Turner!

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Steve Reed said...

Well, it's not really a vacation without a good fight.