Monday, June 6, 2011

Evolution of the Turner 5Spot - HL vs TNT

HL vs TNT, or Horst Link patent vs non, or Turner vs Ellsworth.... whatever side you land on, there still exists two versions of the "Walking Beam/Four Bar" 5Spot.

The HL frames. 2003-2005. Pivot on the chainstay just ahead of the rear wheel axle. The "Four Bar" frames.

another angle


and again.

And the TNT relocated pivot, in line with the seatstay and not the chainstay. The "Faux Bar" frames. These are the "stick-your-pirated-patent-in-your-pipe-and-smoke-it, Tony!" frames. That is my pivot in this picture. Probably the one creaking up a storm and driving me insane.

again, TNT faux bar.

So not all Turners are created equal, but nearly so. I'm not getting into the HL/TNT vs DWLink 5 Spot issue here. You'll have to head on over to Turner Bikes to get the DW scoop and draw your own conclusions...