Saturday, September 17, 2011

Creak Abatement Phase 4 - Prequel!

Cliffhanger Alert!

The creak continues, and in case you haven't noticed by looking at the dates of these posts, I am not troubleshooting this over a period of hours, this is instead a long process that I've been working through over a few weeks, and I'm only now sending all this worthless information to you.

Now to explain the pic. I no buy too much from the LBS. My LBS is good for cables and ferules and housing and spoke nipples and crap like that. OR, if I want a $9400 carbon mountain bike from China, then they have me covered. If I want parts though, I trust my own fingers and eyes, and I do my own legwork, and I hit the usual suspects on line. I know it's a weak way to be, what with the economy being in the toilet and all, but the reality is, my LBS second guesses everything I ask them to order, so for example... Here I want a black Thomson post in 410mm length and 27.2mm diameter, and an external bottom bracket cup set from Shimano. Had I gone to the LBS, then I would be presented with a Truvativ post of some ilk and a Token bottom bracket cup set or some such crap that can be easily ordered with one phone call from the QBP catalog. AND, I would have been keystoned over the head in the cost department to boot! No thanks, I'll order it myself...

And that Cliffhanger part!?... Well, why would I need external bottom bracket cups if I have a square taper crank set on the Turner? Hmmm...

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