Friday, September 9, 2011

Rockers explained...

Not all Turner 5Spot rockers are created equal. There are three legths from Turner, evolved over the life of the TNT/HL four bar bikes. 5.5 inchers, 5.3, and 5.1 with and without cutouts on the non drive rocker for the air valve on a Fox shock. I posted earlier about rocker failure at the air valve on my original set of 5.3's. Since then I've been stocking up and running different links...

The relieved and unrelieved 5.1's

My loots...5.5's to the left, and two sets of 5.1's. The lone undamaged 5.3 is at the top. Another set of 5.3's is on the bike right now.

The three lengths, side by side.

5.5's, on the scale at 155gms.

5.3's, 134gms.

And the 5.1's, logically the lightest of the group at 114gms.

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