Saturday, January 21, 2012

A 29er?!? Redline Monocog 29

My friends are going to kick me in the Johnny Bucket for this one for sure. Rumors are true. I took leave from work on Wednesday and picked up a 29er from Zencog. $499. For that price it is NOT made in Pennsylvania!

Then I took it completely to pieces and put it back together for my own sanity. Now it is all my fault if the thing explodes under my feet. When I was through, I had these turdish bits left over.

And no, it did not get Crank Brothers pedals.

737's baby. The original SPD's. The Porsche 911 of clipless. OK, that last bit of hyperbole may be a little too thick. I probably should have cleaned them before I installed them, but come Sunday they will just be dirty anyway!

Done and done! I swapped out the original bits for some goodies from the stash; Control Tech post, SDG saddle, the 737's, Altek levers, and various tweaks to fit my knuckle dragging Roswell Alien physique!

The Redline has a big challenge ahead of it. One of the reasons I picked the Redline over say, a bike like a Gravity or Dawes from Bikes Direct, is that I want to give the 29 concept the best fair shake I can without buying a Turner Sultan! The Monocog is a well regarded 29, and I think I can give the 29 experience the trial by fire it deserves. I've ridden a few 29's on the trails before, and I've universally thought them to be cumbersome and slow. Will extended 29 use prove to be something I get used to? Or will the Redline just show up as another too-long, too-big 29 made for folks who can't steer around roots. We'll see!

Now I'm going on eBay to find a "Save the Ta-Ta's" pink King headset for it. I'm a pimpy tramp. Pretty and strong.

Yes my wife wonders aloud why I need an 11th bike, but she is very understanding of my 'problem'. Plus, I sent her pictures and auction links to stuff like this all last week.

This old Scirocco even has a salvage title, so bringing home the Redline instead is a win/win for all...comparatively speaking!

That car is pure Sex. For a child porn dealer maybe.

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Dan O said...

Those old Scirocco models were cool. I like early original ones the best. I owed a '84 GTi for many years, my favorite car out of my bunch. Restoring and modifying an old Scirocco with more of a GTi spec would be cool.

Welcome to the world of 29ers. I poo poo'd 'em for a few years, now ride one. For hardtails, they rock. Picked up a Sette Razzo online for $1200 and have been digging it since.