Friday, June 15, 2012

I need a change!

Been toying with the idea of dumping a few bikes and buying one new fancy shmancy steed.  Something up and above even the ridiculously expensive bikes I've been riding for the last 20 years.

Found this on Retrobike... Reproduction Grove Innovations X frame in Titanium, 29 wheels, Grove Hot Rods (by Groovy Cycles) two piece cranks, integrated bar stem (Groovy), Gates belt drive, Rohloff internal geared rear hub, eccentric seamed bottom bracket shell to tension belt, internal cables. And of course, custom pained by Groovy. Now THAT is a bike. Full technology and no Chi-Carb. Boom.

Waiting list for a Groovy runs 2 years or so I think. I can't imagine that a collaboration between Bill Grove and Rody at Groovy would be faster than that. Technically something like this would be my second Grove, as my white EWR was welded by Bill Grove for EWR. 

Would be a great compliment to the Turner.   Hubba Hubba.


Steve Reed said...

How can a bike have 29 wheels?? :)

Justin said...

That's a cool bike, have you read what happened to it on its first weekend out?