Saturday, February 16, 2013

Bus - Seat Pedestal Pad - Passenger Side

While the seats in the Bus are in great shape.  Well done replacement covers and comfy padding, the rest of the cab interior is a little dirty.  One of the things I've noticed is that the seat pedestal pads under the seats, and the seat belts themselves, do a great job of getting your clothes dirty. Nothing a little sweat equity can't handle!

So this is the driver side taken for reference.  I'll be having it with the passenger side first, that way if something goes wrong the driver seat will still be in the car and I can drive the whole seatless mess to the new owners  when I dump the failed project on Craigslist!  (I kid!)  Note handy fire extinguisher.

And this is the passenger side padding removed from the car.  It is a brittle and filthy thing, covered with years of dirt and goo, and a bit of red over spray.

The view of the cab, passenger seat removed, before I've started cleaning the pedestal.  The grunge on the pedestal is a combo of upholstery adhesive, decayed padding from the back of the old pad, and mild surface rust.

Close-up of the goop, and the 19mm bolt that holds the seat belt. Let the cleaning commence!

And commence it did!  Here we are all scrubbed up, all the way over to the driver side of the spare tire well of the bulkhead.  That will get scrubbed when I do the other pedestal pad.  In the upper left of this picture is the paint code sticker.  Just to the right of the silver paint code sticker is the upper bolt hole for the passenger assist handle on the back of the bulkhead for the middle seat passengers.  Under that bolt there are 4 uniform holes that used to hold the JC Penney surface mount speakers that I remember so vividly as a kid.  I saved the speakers, although they do not work very well any longer.  I've been contemplating replacing the drivers in those speakers and then re-installing them in the JC Penney enclosures somewhere else in the bus.  Maybe under the front parcel shelf.  At any rate, the 4 holes (per side) from the speakers will be dolly hammered smooth when I recover the bulkhead cap.

While it was all apart and scrubbed, I took the chance to take a picture of the color code sticker, ("Velvet Green and Pearl White" it says)and the M-Plate.  Remember that birth certificate I ordered from the Volkswagen Museum?  Well, these M-Plate codes are what they were decoding.

Above the M-Code Plate you can see the bulkhead cap with it's pealing weathered vinyl.  This is probably the single most unattractive thing in the bus, and I plan on recovering it soon.

 This is the replacement Pedestal Pad, from Wolfsburg West.

Pad installed, seat belt cleaned and installed.  



The 120 main jet is back in the carb, and I still have hesitation under acceleration, so next step is fuel filter replacement, sock tank filter replacement, inspection of the fuel pump screen, then a valve adjust.  I'll pull the carb and give it a once over for measure, and replace the carb seat gasket. Might throw the fuel pressure gauge on there and make sure that I've got my 3 lbs of pressure or there abouts.  I'll take a peak at the plugs too.  Doesn't run bad, just not as smooth pulling as i'd like.  It will easily cruise 55 though, so there is plenty of power.  I need to familiarize myself with the Pertronix ignition bits in the distributor too.  I hate distributors.

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