Monday, July 29, 2013

Carb inlet failure and new rubber for the deck lid!

Yes I still own 13 bikes.  Yes I still ride quite often.

But not yesterday!!

I spent a bit of time replacing the deck lid seal and stops, and diagnosing a over pressured fuel pump.  The rebuild kits apparently are pretty hit or miss for the Pierburg rebuild able pumps and the finished product runs too much pressure.    In the deck lid pic below you can see I have my temp fuel line with online pressure gauge installed.  It runs at nearly 6 pounds so ill need some spacers to lower the pressure.  I have them in the spares so now to just do it.

Symptoms of the pressure being too high?  Hard starting, running rich, and if I don't fix it I will have gas in the oil at some point.  Good thing I'm gonna fix it!

So while I'm mucking about with the temp fuel line, the inlet fitting on the carb falls out.  This after the outlet fitting on the pump fell out during rebuild.  So now both sides of the pressurized fuel line have had the fittings fail!  Does this car WANT to go up in flames?!?

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