Saturday, January 18, 2014


They are leaping from the woodwork as collectors realized they are waaaay in over their heads on these things.  Kleins are nice, and I have mine, but come on people.  A kidney?  That is a wee steep!

Pimpy mac daddy Gator Linear.

fork in faded Dolomite team regalia.

Faded Gator Linear Rascal.  Note the matching Rock Shox Mag20, the sticker-slathered Deore XT seatpost.  Mavic headset and Campy Stheno rims.  Too bad the owner cut it's balls off with a single speed conversion.  And is that drive side chainstay bent?

Team Attitude circa 1996.

Pinnacle in Backfire regalia with XT and Rock Shox Mag20.

Full Deore DX Pinnacle with Araya RM17 rims.  Very nice.  Don't let the pealing lycra on the saddle sway you from this bike.  The saddle is crap anyway.

And an early 90's (1991-2) Attitude in Backfire.  This one is very clean but the paint is not nearly as blindingly bright as should be.  Respray?  Display window frame?  Why faded on both sides?