Saturday, March 29, 2008

Road Bike!

Roadie sighting. 30 miles on the road bike this morning. I felt very sluggish and lethargic. I actually intended to do 50 but I was so bummed with my performance that I bailed on the last 20 and just went home. I road with a friend from the office who has just purchased a Specialized carbon road bike with full Ultegra and while he felt like a million bucks and I could tell wanted me to pick up my lazy butt and get with the program, he insisted on lugging along at my 19mph. I can't decide which is worse, lugging on your own pace, or riding with a friend who wants to ride with you and then not feeling up to their pace. Failure or Guilt?

Came home and started to work on the VW, polishing and scrubbing and so forth. I had washed and waxed the whole deal last night, and then today was the start of the small clean up and adjustment phase. Chrome polishing. ugh. Tomorrow I put the radio back in, reinstall the dash fan and ducting, and button up the luggage compartment.

Then I migrated to bike maintenance and began to build the blue EWR. Headset, fork, stem install completed before the fading light and the responsibilities of fatherhood called and I had to put away the toys. Tomorrow, drivetrain and wheels. After the VW chores, and that whole fatherhood thing again. I need to teach the little monster to wrench!

End of line.

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Steve said...

Put that kid to work!