Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Day Two! Peace!

You get a lot of funny looks in Florida when you ride steel frames with little or no carbon. I even had two guys on steel bikes comment on the Carrera, the first was a dude on an older Pinarello who commented that the Carrera was nice, and then there was a dude, maybe a friend of his, on an Independent Fabrications road bike right in front of the first, who said something like, "yeah, well at least its steel". WTF! People are bananas about the dorkiest things. All I noticed was that I had passed them! SEE-YAH!
Just enjoy the ride, folks. Enjoy the ride.
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Steve said...


Utahdog said...

Boost? Tweeg? Swipe? Lift? Spangle? Kloogen?

Or as the Germans say...Torgleflug?