Tuesday, June 17, 2008

No Big Momma means Dad is "Mr Cool!"

Being alone with the baby yesterday was a good time! We went home to let the weasel out to tinkle (the dog to pee) and then headed off to the suburban hell/planning nightmare known as St Johns Town Center. Baby had chocolate milk and orange wedges at Crisper's, and I had some bizarre flat bread pizza type thing that was pretty good. I didn't take a stroller, so the Bean had to motivate herself around on her own, and we walked a good way. Maybe 2 miles or so in total. She was running for most of it too, which was nice (for later!) We went by the fish pond there and she squealed at the Koi and the turtles that live in the pond. The large fiberglass fake stone horse statues outside PF Chang's elicited more squeals from the kid, and she in general made a fool out of the both of us with her leaping around and squawking. The Nice thing about being out with a baby is it gives you license to misbehave in your own right...all in the name of "entertaining the child!"

Funny that the pasteurized culture of the Town Center is so interesting for a baby. I think the place is boring as hell, but children just seem to love it...like Disney World! Sort of scary then, that so many folks who head out to the Town Center clearly spend so much time getting primped and preened and ready to go...hmmmm. Babies and Yuppies on the same intellectual wavelength? Is the Land Rover owner throwing stones in his glass house?

Tired children sleep easily...halfway through a Richard Scarry story book she was snoring and drooling and I was enjoying a peaceful evening. Don't tell Big Momma, she needs to think I struggled with an unruly child! *wink wink*

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Steve Reed said...

Glad to hear her entertainment needs are so simple -- that's promising!