Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Good Morning!

Somebody on the Retrobike forum made the mistake of asking what were peoples favorites and hates in the bike world....needless to say I couldn't resist!

"I dig small builders, generally steel, generally with high bottom brackets and steep angles for the twisties, and function. East Coast (US) geometry, like Fat and IF, EWR, Grove, Rhygin, Bridgestone MB-0 and MB-1s, early pre-Volvo rigid Cannondales not too dressed with goofy chi-chi. Pacific NW style is nice too. Early Rocky stuff, Toads, Brodie Sovereigns and Espressos, some Kona I guess, lets say pre-threadless just to be picky.

Parts I dig...Mavic 217 Sunsets, Altek, SDG Kevlar, Race Face Turbines, Deore DX, and pre 'SC' Shimano 105 derailleurs. Yum.

I don't like shi++y CNC boutique parts that aren't worth the pot aluminum they are cut from (and the trail head stitches and sutures that usually result!), and all the modern junk painted black...black spokes, black stems, black posts, black cranks, blah blah blah.... Don't like 100mm+ forks flooding the scene, nobody needs that on a cross country hard tail.

I don't like Trek, the butchers of Klein and Bontrager. Trek should fall off the planet. No like Diamond Back/Mongoose/Iron Horse/Haro/GT pretend BMX junk brands. Except the Tech Shop GTs, Zaskar, Xizang and Psyclone...some DBRs get a pass from the hate too...

Kooka. I don't like Kooka. Garbage from day one. All Kooka junk should be melted down and pressed into Mountain Dew cans, except I don't think the aluminum would pass canning quality standards. In their own words..."Get off the trail, you weasel!"

Spooky, never liked Spooky either. Bunch of plastic image junk. Fake straight-edge crud...like hiding in your mom's bathroom huffing on her hairspray and then proclaiming about how you're bucking the man by not poisoning your body with cigarettes and booze...all the while driving your retired plummers panel-van all tagged up with crap 3rd grader graffiti to McDonald's for a McRib. Brands like Spooky and Azonic are the fake boobs of the cycling world.

Wow...I feel better!

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Steve said...

I don't know what any of this means, but it was pretty funny anyway...