Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hey Kobe!

"Tell me how my ass tastes!"

If you haven't seen it, You tube "Shaq disses Kobe" and sit back for one of the funniest freestyle raps you'll ever see. The hook at the end is the best...having the whole audience at the club chanting the above quote on cue...Love it! Call me an iconoclast.

Kobe is such a tool. The NBA hasn't been the same since Charles Barkley and Anthony Mason and Xavier Daniels retired. I even miss the Worm. Pretty players bore me to tears. If only Warren Sapp played for the NBA... If only Warren Sapp played for anybody! Oh well, at least KG got a ring.

Travis and I finished up the roof last night, over the new porch in front. Now all I have to do is paint and the house id done...well, except for the 8'x8' hole in the bathroom ceiling! That door is closed though, so I don't count that! HA!

The sky is black and I have to ride home in about 45 minutes...get the soap.

1 comment:

Steve said...

Kobe who?

(Just kidding. Really.)