Friday, June 20, 2008


Ever wonder what to call a post that is going to just be a bunch of random observations? I vote for 'Stuff."

I have a new caffeine addiction, Black unsweet tea, iced. Jacksonville is hotter than fire already, and it isn't even technically summer yet, so a substitution for coffee was required.

Sold a few retro goodies on the 'bay here lately. An SDG blue Kevlar saddle, a set of green Real levers, NOS Fast Feather QRs in the package, anodized purple (the QRs, not the package!), and the Flite Ti saddle that I took off the Carrera. I have some other retro parts for the 'bay that I need to list, and I have an other SDG out there right now. Some of these parts are things I've had for a while and some are parts that I got bundled with a part I really wanted, or on a bike that I bought for the parts, etc. I can't keep all this stuff, and I'll never use the Real levers or purple QRs, so for sale they go. I've been contemplating selling one or two of the bikes also, maybe the Ti frame and the Rush. I'll keep the rare parts and just sell the big parts to facilitate more room in the shed, or I'll just keep all my cool toys and wing it! Space-Schmace!

The Surfboard is on Craig's List...again too many hobbies and too little time. Anybody want a custom Clay Bennett long board? 500 bones.

Rode to work today, 2ND day this week. Not had much of a chance to commute lately, Big Momma had a haircut on Wed, and then she was out on Mon-Tues so I was car-trapped for the first three days of the week. Bleah!

Went to Lowe's yesterday and got a 44 gal trash can and some fitting to make my Rain Barrel. I'm excited. Water re-use AND I can solve the porch flooding problem we've been dealing with. I'm going to set 4 brick footers, then use some of the leftover wood from the porch demo to make a small deck to put the barrel on, that should help keep it stable and prevent it from looking too much like a big trash can. (Lets face IS a big trash can!)


Steve said...

You know, the Moroccans say that if you drink something hot on a hot day, you'll be cooler. Not sure why this is, but there you have it.

You own a surfboard?????

Utahdog! said...

I own at least one of everything, that's half my problem. The other is that I drink too much of the cool stuff, regardless of the position of the Moroccans.

Wanna buy a surfboard? its as long as your apartment!

Steve said...

I think surfing is forbidden on the East River. (Not to mention impossible.)