Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Under the bus part deux!

Probably not very bright to blog on this, but I came in to work yesterday and found an email apology from Under the Bus Official. I was intending on offering some sort of small olive ranch because I did give him hell on Friday, and that really isn't my place any more than him tossing me into the gutter is his, but he beat me to it and sent the email on Friday. Turns out that he might have been prompted to send the email, because when I spoke to him he was still gruffly indignant about his behavior being completely defensible. Skinny is that this is repeated behavior and that the higher ups are as tweaked as me. Either way, some folks just can't seem to realize that even if he was correct in his observations about my performance or the performance of my staff, he should have directed it up through our department and not aired the laundry to the universe. Oh well, I sleep at night. As grandfather used to say, "End subject, change subject."

Weighed myself this morning and I'm at 188. I haven't weighed less than 190 since I was 25. I'm not trying to lose weight right now, just move the weight from where I don't want it to where it will help me in cycling, so I'll have to adjust my diet again to make sure that I don't get any smaller. I eat like a pig, so volume isn't an issue, just substance. Think I'll have a whopper for lunch......just kidding.

Rode the blue EWR to work again. 5th day in a row. I didn't put any miles on either road or mtb this past weekend, and this coming weekend I'll be re framing my rotten front porch, so I don't think I'm on the bike then either. Maybe I'll get to ride Saturday morning early. Try out my new Dura Ace STI!

Paragraphs with bike talk in them light up like a christmas tree when you hit the spell check button. Makes me feel like a bone-head for a second before I realize that only a cyclist would know or care what STI is!


Steve said...

My God! You're practically my weight!

Here's my advice re. Under the Bus Official: Accept the apology and try not to question his motivation. Sometimes it's hard for people to be apologetic in person but writing it down gives them the necessary distance.

Utahdog said...

My body is a temple!

Yeah I considered that about the apology. Actually I considered it all under the bridge until I got the email. Leave it alone, sleeping dogs and all...