Friday, June 6, 2008

Updates...sort of!

Not a lot today to report, but I don't want to ignore the thing, so I'll stroke the keys a bit before OK, THAT sounds a little bit off from what I intended!

Today I had the uninvited return of one of office livings most feared and despised black-sheep cousins...that of Under the Bus Official. Nothing like coming up for air after working on a project for three hours to be informed that 'oh yeah, while you were working, you were blamed for all sorts of stuff by that little weak-kneed sap over there'. Good job, people. Way to earn your pay. I won't go into the details because this here blog thingy is supposed to be mildly therapeutic, but suffice to say that I was surprised, hurt, and bloody-well tweaked! My guys came through pretty good, and handled the situation very well so all is not trailing fire and headed into the ocean nose first, but it sure would be nice to not have to deal with the BS. I know I know...all jobs are like that. hockey. That's just what they say to keep you pacified and rotting in front of a terminal. 2% a year and a kick in the grapes, thank you very much. I interviewed a potential new hire earlier in the day...second one this week...maybe I should tell them this story so they know what they are striving for.

I had to replace the rear STI shifter/brake lever on the road bike. The poor old girl took her leave of absence three days before the Tour de Cure, so I picked up a replacement, NOS 9 speed Dura Ace STI lever from a local shop for the princely sum of 200 bucks! Ugh! Maybe I'd better not lose my job just yet! I considered upgrading to 10 speed, but the age of the rest of the drive train parts, and the fact that they are all Dura Ace, and I can only afford Ultegra, led me to just say the 9 spd and be done with it already. Besides, I aint Lance...9 speed works fine for me.

Rode the new EWR, the blue one, into the office today again...third day in a row. The longer post (I ordered a Thomson from About Bikes in Orange Park) makes all the difference. Took it off road two weekends ago, and now after some road miles and a trip off road, the drive train is bedding in nicely and the brakes have scrubbed off their packing goo, so I'm ready for something a bit more industrious to tackle with the sucker. This weekend I'm going to pain the new trim after the roof replacement though, so there might be a bit of a wait until I get back to the trail.

Sat on the porch and talked a bit with my mother and brother on the phone. And drank some sangria (ooooh!). Not because of the family, no. Just because of the porch! I blame the porch!

Ah, Life!

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Steve said...

Well, I suppose if we inspire you to drink a little sangria, that's not a bad thing. Now a LOT of sangria, on the other hand...