Friday, January 2, 2009

Joe in hand, on to the house!

This is the ceiling in out dining room, or what we used to use as the dining room, it's now sort of a den, as we've relocated the dining room table to the proper location in the house's original dining room (this room was originally a Florida Room, a three season porch.) I show you this ceiling because... This is the ceiling in the fridge room, which is a small enclosed porch off of the back of the kitchen, housing the rear door to the screen porch. As you can see, the ceiling here was a nice exposed beam job, with a gloss white paint job. Simple and least until the roofers drove a thousand screws and nails into it from above and turned the poor thing into a porcupine! Here I've installed 5 2"x3" firing strips and a junction box for the overhead light to start the process of...

Covering the ceiling in rough sawn tongue and groove cedar planks! And the end result looks great, exactly what I was hoping for! Here you can also see the new art-glass overhead light, which replaces the hideous tube fluorescent monstrosity that was in the space prior. Ignore the darker trim in these shots. It was installed by the previous homeowner. Someone who apparently not only lacked understanding of the concept of a 45 degree angle, but also didn't bother to research "coping saw" either.
Close up of le corner. Nice joint on my trim, total crap joint from the PO.
More. Note the vast pint glass collection. A man can never have enough beer glasses.

As you can guess from the first picture, I was trying to emulate the feel of the ceiling in the dining room/den. The cedar in there is much older and darker, but the fresh cedar in the fridge room turned out great, and should age, dirty and darken over time. Total time, about 7 hours. Total cost, about $120. Best part, no drywall dust!

There, brief diversion from cycling, but I think you'll live.


Steve said...

Holy cow. This looks great!

Will you remodel my apartment, please?

Utahdog! said...

sure! Fly me up!