Friday, January 2, 2009

On the Commute!

For Christmas, Kristen gave me a wind-breaker vest by Pearl Izumi for cycling in the cold Florida mornings! Ha! Seriously, I won't get into the model and such, because I don't care enough to figure out which one it is, but I can say, that in typical Pearl fashion, it works great. Reflective panels help North Florida SUV drivers with their aim as they try to kill me, and the vented panels in the back allow me to both control the amount of air flow over my torso when I warm up, by lowering the front vent zippers, as well as also provide for the weeping bodily fluids to escape my corpse after SUV drivers who missed my reflective panels don't miss me. Very comfy vest, and it worked well, all SUV driver knocking aside!

The commute went well, until I got to the downtown bridge crossing, where the Main Street draw bridge was up, so I diverted to the Acosta Bridge, or as cyclists in Jacksonville call it, "Mt. Acosta"

Got a cool house project out of the way this weekend, I'll tell you about it after I get my morning Joe.

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